“The battle for environmental sustainability will be won or lost in cities—they account for 80% of greenhouse gas emissions and about 75% of global energy consumption.” 

Dr. Werner Kruckow, Chief Executive, Siemens


Just 600 cities will acount for 65% of the world’s economic growth by 2025

McKinsey Global Institute, Urban world: Cities and the rise of the consuming class, finds that the 600 cities making the largest contribution to a higher global GDP—the City 600—will generate nearly 65% of world economic growth by 2025.


URGENT VC, LLC is a venture development company dedicated to building sustainable companies that will help communities become more sustainable.  Why?  Cities and communities are the defining element of civilization.  How? We do this through a three step strategy- Sustainable Community Consulting, an Impact Investment Venture Accelerator to work with select clean and green ventures and the Sustainable Community Infrastructure Fund.

Our headquarters is in New York City along with an office Boston. Since our founding in 2008, our focus has been on assisting early stage/pre-revenue ventures, turn-around ventures, university/corporate R&D spin-outs to help solve the waste, water and energy challenges for more sustainable urban centers, tribal reservations and airport cities.

We do this by helping screen for the highest sustainablity priorities as measured agains the Impact Investment grid of Profit, People and Planet impacts.

We work with firms to help them align to high impact ventures which embrace B Corporation behaviors and also if needed help secure the proper financing from the appropriate sources, and all along staying for the long term with our entrepreneurs and clients.

We stand by our ventures for the long haul, not just the flip of a deal.  We are company builders not simple traders because we believe that building great companies with great people takes time to get the best return.

We are aligned with the: GIIN and B Corp. principles, Green City Accords/UN Agreement of Mayors and our venture-backed enterprises are dedicated to making cities sustainable in their own unique ways. Our mandate focus is on energy, waste, water and transportation opportunities facing communities today.

Our sustainability measures of success include: strong investor return, environmental improvement, social justice and sustainable job creation.   We want more real businesses, generating more real solutions with more real value and more real jobs.  Our experience with helping ventures “go forward”, raise more capital, mobilize more resources, clear regulatory hurdles and manage sustainable scale and growth enables us to turn great ideas into great companies. As stewards for ventures and communities, we are eager to help science projects evolve into serious businesses to assure more sustainable communities.


Social and environmental sustainability is often considered to be a virtue that must be balanced with profitability in a successful business.  As founders and leaders of several organizations that have not only achieved sustainability, but made it central in their business plans, we could not disagree more.

Creating common sense value for society is good business in any economic climate, and we’re field leaders in finding the path that allows ventures to grow in the short term, and in the long term. Sustainable solutions make sustainable cities possible.  We strive to be good stewards of the economy, environment and society.  This isn’t a passing fad, and the opportunities we have before us will impact many generations to come.  We take a 7 month, 7 year, 7 generation approach to solution development.  In the spirit of Isaiah 61, we believe it is time to plant more trees of righteousness and repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations.

Our team brings a wide range of experience in venture creation, including urban policy, law, international growth, venture development and scaling and private-public fundraising from a variety of sources. Our affiliation with New York City and Boston area universities keeps us up to date with the cutting edge thinking in a variety of fields, from renewable energy technology to cutting edge city, state and federal policies.   As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know first hand the pain and exhilaration of venture development.  From the startup, early stage, growth, mature and turnaround stages on to harvest, we strive to provide the best possible support for our client firms and investors.  We know what it is to  walk through the stages of Technolgoy Development- Fundamental Research, Applied Research, Technology Development adn Demonstration, Product Commercialization and Market Development and Market Entry and Scale and will be with you each step along this  long green trail.   We believe that true partners can achieve true success.

URGENT VC was conceived as a way to provide the important sustainable community solutions of tomorrow by supporting a select coalition of clean and green entrepreneurs  today.


We have three key clients- Sustainable Communities, Clean and Green Entrepreneurs and  Impact Investors seeking profit, planet improvements and people impacts.  We serve them via:


UVC’s Sustainable Community Consulting practice enables community stakeholders and residents to organize, plan and implement a Sustainable Community Plan.  We offer two main services- a Sustainable Community Audit for $50,000 and a Sustainable Community Comprehenensive Action Plan for $250,000 with payback from savings or new net revenue and job generation within 3 years of full implementation.

Your Sustainable Community Plan provides the framework for carrying out Sustainable Development Projects that address critical community needs and improve your community’s overall quality of life.

Some of the key advantages of our methodology include:
• Proven sustainable planning methodology featuring measurable goals/action plans
• Identifies sustainable solutions that can be “Monetized” to produce revenue
• Proven ability to organize community outreach and meaningful community involvement
• Proven ability to organize collaboration of key stakeholders
• Strategy/methodology for cultural change: transform culture of waste to culture of sustainability
• Ability to assist clients to structure projects to qualify for financing from Impact Investors and others seeking socially responsible investment opportunities.


Each year, URGENT VC screens a large number of ventures for eligibility and entrance into its Impact Investment Venture Accelerator (IIVA).  Firms selected for IIVA are offered access to high value human, social and financial capital.  URGENT VC portfolio firms are to be B Corporation aligned and or registered effective January 1, 2013.   Our philosophy in supporting clean and green ventures could be referred to as VC 3.0.  With the completed discreditation of VC 2.0 as an alternative asset (negative 10 year returns) and failed management philosophy that often was in fact rapacious and borderline piracy, we believe it is important to get back to basics- real people, real businesses, real profit and real impact.  We are compensated as advisors by the firms we help build.


As we nurture our portfolio firms, we invite current and new investors to join with us in providing essential financial, human and social capital for our firms as their market value is proven.  We are always exploring new alliances for effective capital and strive to generate market returns while mitigating risk.  Our Limited Partners are selectively engaged as mandates and capital needs arise and deal structure and return profile allows.  We are investors in every venture, we stay around to eat our own cooking, are compensated by the limited partners we work with to generate fair returns commensurate with risk exposure and seek to exit ventures when beneficial to all stakeholders.