Every Year 65 Million People

by Charles Lord, from the McKinsey Slide Show
Every year, the world’s urban population expands by 65 million people—the equivalent of seven cities the size of Chicago. These growing urban economies are creating waves of new consumers and reshaping global markets in very different ways. To capture this significant opportunity, companies need to understand which cities today could be their most promising new markets tomorrow.”

Just 440 cities

Just 440 cities will acount for half of the world’s economic growth

by Stephen Kennett, 2degrees

A new report from the McKinsey Global Institute, Urban world: Cities and the rise of the consuming class, finds that the 600 cities making the largest contribution to a higher global GDP—the City 600—will generate nearly 65% of world economic growth by 2025. However, the most dramatic story within the City 600 involves just over 440 cities in emerging economies; by 2025, the Emerging 440 will account for close to half of overall growth.

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