Client Services: Impact Investing Venture Accelerator

At URGENT VC, LLC we believe there is no inherent barrier to being smart enough, bold enough, wise enough, lucky enough and common-sense enough to being able to build companies that can make money, strengthen communities and properly steward our precious natural resources.

It is hard work to generate real impact through real investing; maybe that is why so few people engage in that right now.  But, we know also that seeking the truth in good ventures with sustainable solutions for communities that can pay for them, performance facts, transparent data and enduring success will guide the investor dollars more and more to this common sense approach to use capital to create wealth.

We believe that investing in ventures should have more rigorous goals than old school financial advisory approaches.   That is why we believe the following impact investing needs to be more rigorous.  NY Times Reporter Paul Sullivan on September 28, 2012 said, “Impact investing–investing money in an organization, either profit-making or non-profit,  with the expectation that it will generate a social benefit and perhaps a financial return.”

Our approach is more rigorous, we want our investments to generate financial return AND social benefit in alignment with the GIIN principles, GIIRS framework and B Corp. guidelines as of 2013.  We want our ventures to make money and make a difference in the community- through job creation, energy independence, resource mangement and environmental improvement.

Obviously the financial advisory traditional approaches have generated value, but we believe it is time to look at the inherent conflicts and self-interests and legal impediments that are part of the status quo.  It has been said that capital is quite lazy.  That is flows where it goes because it is easy.  There are many things in need of evolution, financial advisors have had historically comfortable, unique and exclusive offerings of ventures on their proprietary platforms that generate proprietary fees; in-house deals are sweet.  The silos of financial advisors making money and then “allowing” trickle down charitable dollars   to make a token impact fly in the face of strategic value investing principles that are advocated when generating “returns”.

Our firms are uniquely positioned in the clean and green sectors – we focus on both the differentiation (What? How?) and segmentation (Whom?).  We have a mandate to make communities more sustainable.  Urban Ceners, Tribal Reservations and Airport Cities provide unique opportunities.  We are focused on the United States of America first and the world second because so much more must be done to achieve a truly civil and sustainable society.

We see the future and it is challenging and exciting and full of potential.  We are part of the future that will matter most because we will do all that is necessary and measure all that matters to make ventures profitable and communities sustainable.  We will always strive to drive human, social and financial capital to purpose driven ventures that produce enduring impacts.