Methodology: Action Plan-Step 5

An all too common occurrence is for brilliantly developed plans to be announced with much public fanfare, photo-ops, and gushing promises followed by the plan slipping silently into a black hole of oblivion.

Part of your Communications Strategy must include informing stakeholders, participants and the public that the sustainable community planning process involves an Action Plan; the Action Plan will be Monitored and Evaluated; progress will be publicly posted at regular intervals.

The schematic outlines the elements that, at a minimum, should be included in your plan.

For each project identify the following:

  • Goals/Metrics
  • Resources/Budget
  • Responsibilities
  • Activities
  • Outputs
  • Outcomes
  • Timelines

TIP- The organization GOALQPC at publishes a superb set of inexpensive tools/pocket guides for planners, facilitators, trainers and project managers under the title, MemoryJoggers.

Some planning groups have ordered a copy for members (NB the price goes down with quantity).

Above is a Sample Work Sheet that can assist planners with a step by step guide to the MAP-Analyze and Action Plan process. After doing the work related to producing a Project Plan-Step 4, (Columns 1-6), practitioners need to develop the related Action Plans.


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