Methodology: Implement Action Plan-Step 6

In order to implement the Action Plan you will need to insure that you both Manage your plan effectively AND you organize the Collaboration of organizations whose cooperation expertise, resources, authority , etc. are needed for success.

There are extensive materials, training, and consultants available related to both Management and Project Management.

A scan of your immediate environment will probably reveal a number of potential resources.

TIP-Don’t overlook local businesses, colleges, and volunteers as potential resources.

TIP-While there are many resources related to Collaboration we recommend you start by checking out the following publications from the Wilder Foundation:
“Collaboration What makes It Work: A review of research literature on factors influencing successful collaboration” and
“Collaboration Handbook: Creating, Sustaining, and Enjoying the Journey” a step-by -step guide to organizing successful collaborations.

TIP-The Wilder Foundation provides a free Collaboration Factors Inventory that can be used to either plan or evaluate collaborations. Highly recommended.

TIP-Check out the Collaboration and Communities of Practice sections that follow.

TIP- “The TeamNet Factor” by Jessica Lipnack & Jefferey Stamps provides an excellent guide to organizing work involving independeny organizations by integrating “Teams” and “Networks (TeamNets).


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