Methodology: Monitor, Evaluate, Monetize-Step 7

As you manage the implementation of your Action Plan the following tasks must be included in your scope of work.

1) Monitor your progress on the goals and metrics you set in Step 4: Project Plan

2) Evaluate and report on each project’s status related to being on time and on budget.
TIP- Consider adding a Performance dashboard to your website so stakeholders and the public can follow your progress.

See for helpful information.

3) Document “best practices” to help you continuously improve projects in the future as you continue the sustainable community planning process.

4) As projects mature constantly assess which projects might be Monetized to produce revenue.
The image above provides an example of an actual sustainable solution, e.g., waste management was Monetized to produce revenue, cut waste disposal, generate revenue, support jobs.

5) Focus on trying to replace a culture of waste with a culture of sustainability, e.g., each part of the community works to adopt policies and practices to consume and waste less.
See Cultural Transformation

As illustrated by the above figure communities can start their sustainable community development journey in a variety of ways: single project: multi-project; regional/multi-community scale plan, etc.
Regardless of where you start your long term goal should be Cultural Transformation, changing a culture of waste to a culture of sustainability.


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