Methodology: Communications Strategy- Step 2

Saul Alinsky, a legendary community organizer, observed in his book, “Rules for Radicals”  that you can’t organize anyone if you can’t communicate with them….”.

While your First step focuses on Stakeholder Engagement a parallel Step is organizing an-on-going Communications Strategy.
Some components of that strategy are listed above but each community will customize a strategy to fit their unique circumstances

* Take full advantage of free resources e.g., website, software, etc. See Image 8 in Communities of Practice
* See about recruiting reliable volunteers to develop and, most importantly,maintain a website devoted to your sustainable planning process.
* If you can’t recruit volunteers see if an existing web site can be modified to host your site. Possible candidates include City Hall, local colleges, etc.
* Consider adding a Performance Dashboard to your website as a way for the public and stakeholders to monitor your progress.

*Routinely ask stakeholders for ideas on improving the web site.

* Utilize multiple forums to ge your message out e.g., the press, electronic media, and social media, e.g., twitter, etc. to communicate with both the people involved in the planing process as well as the public at large.

TIP-Remember that your sustainable community plan represents an effort to CHANGE things for the better and a common and critical mistake in attempting change is to underestimate the needed communications by a factor of 10 or more. (See John P. Kotter, “Leading Change”)